Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Where has the last year gone? The years now are just going so fast... or is it because I am no longer a kid itching to grow up?  I say that because as I type this post Christmas Eve 2014 is nearing the end which means folks... yep it isn't long before Santa pays us a visit here down under in Australia!  

We have a busyish day tomorrow, starting bright and early I am sure with our boys waking us up to tell us Santa has been! (They have been a tad naughty ok really naughty this last week especially so I  sent Santa an email and told him to not bring them any presents and for those to be donated to charity but Santa had another idea... since they have been fighting ALOT, Santa decided to bring them one present... to share! He has left them a note explaining his idea so let's see if it works!) Then we will go to the hospital to visit my mother-in-law  (not the ideal place to be on Christmas day but it's the best place for her to be while she receives her last course of iv antibiotics) and open a few small presents with her (will open the rest when she comes home on the weekend!) before going to my sister's house where we will have the main opening of presents (family tradition) followed by lunch and then hopefully a relaxing afternoon! 

But while we gather around each other tomorrow, please stop for a moment to remember those that can only celebrate with us in our hearts and memories... We all know someone or of someone and their families that is grieving these holidays. Tonight I started a new Christmas Eve tradition (along with many friends old and new over on Kit & Clowder Facebook group) where I lit a candle for those passed on. My candle tonight was lit for an old friend who lost her long hard fought battle to cancer, leaving behind her new husband and their two young boys last month. I know she will be close by tomorrow.... 

So as I sign off for tonight I will leave you with our 2014 Christmas message "From my family to yours, may your holidays be full of magic and the power of love be all around you.  Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Hi Leisha, I hope you had a really great Christmas :) I too lost a really good friend (who I met 30 years ago!) in a tragic car accident just a few weeks ago and she also had 2 boys and a husband. It's so hard losing those we love but the wonderful memories will live on forever. I just received your inquiry about my blog backgrounds and header. I have 2 headers for you to choose from, but I need your email please. Also, if you'd like additional help installing the background, I'm happy to do that as well. It's best if we can email chat :) Thank you! My email is kris_imaginethat(AT) ----- replace the (AT) with "@"